About Us

We make jewelry. But we also make you. 


Our job is beyond simply delivering the most beautiful piece of jewelry. We believe we make you. We make you come closer to who you are. Be one with yourself as you dorn the right ornament crafted for your taste. We make sure our jewelry reflects your personality. 


The artisan’s aesthetically profound visualization of beauty holds greater value when you find the perfect match to meet your expectation. 


At each step of our creation from designing to manufacturing, Malana takes part in creating every moment of ‘you’ when you wear a piece of ours. And so, having truly been in the business of creating these little moments of self appreciation, the promise of wide ranged exquisite design, exceptional quality and elegantly handcrafted traditional & contemporary jewelry comes easy. Our experience in jewelry making brings us this confidence.


A few clicks away and you can find the jewelry of your choice for the entire family, making every day an occassion.